How Do I Unblock This Website?

I’m trying to unblock runescape, but same as the other people, it says 401 blocked from the administrator. It’s not restricted so pls don’t answer that. PLS! i need someone useful that can ACTUALLY help me. Don’t answer this question just to get points. Pls. i need your guys help. I go onto the admistrator’s account and then what do i do? you DON’T go to internet options, privicy – internet options – restricted sites in order to resolve the 401 blocked by the administrator.
PLS! anyone help me. I’m desperate. how do u unblock a website that says 401 BLOCKED BY THE ADMINISTRATOR??? any ideas?


  1. Your IP address might be blocked on their server. How are you connected to the internet? If you have a router/modem with a dynamic address, you might be able to get a different address if you reboot your router.
    Just a guess, but worth a try…

  2. The administrator may be refering to the admin of your computer (mom, dad maybe?) ask them to get onto their account and unblock the site. Also, there might be programs on your computer that automatically do this, look through any programs you have on and see if they are blocking the site because they think it is harmful.

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