How Do I Unblock / Unban Myself From A Website?

I’ve been suspended from a website. Anyone know what they use to ban you from the site? IP address restriction?? I tried from different PC, different place to open a new account but it still says my account is suspended. How do I fix that?
Thank you in advance.


  1. probably a combination of IP address and they details you signed up with on your first account. so in all likelyhood your only option is to only ever access it from another pc and to sign up under a completely false name/address/email etc.
    getting completely banned from a website isn’t easy so they were probably glad to see the back of you – don’t expect a warm welcome back.

  2. Apologize to the moderator/webmaster. Since you are now trying to hack into the site I can only assume you were banned with good reason.

  3. Start a whole new account and use a different email address to register…there’s no way they could possibly know it was you.

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