How Do I Unblock Web Sites On My Tracfone ?

any time i want to download a ringtone it will say go to the url and press download well my tracfone won’t let me go to the website its the same thing for my myspace and facebook it won’t let me go to the mobile website do u know how to unblock it or can u use a proxy on a phone im thinking that might work too.


  1. Tracfone has their web access locked up tight. You are only able to go to the Tracfone website at this time. When trying to go to another website you will be charged airtime but the phone will not connect. This is hard wired into the Tracfone/Net10 phones. There are some people that have been able to email midi ring tones to their phone but I am not sure how that works. Tracfone only wants you to spend money on their stuff.

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