How do I unlock a Sprint Rumor?

Question by Svengali: How do I unlock a Sprint Rumor?
So i was at a garage sale and this lady gave me a Rumor for free, i was like WOO HOO! then i looked at it and its carrier was Sprint, i use AT&T, then i was like AW CRAP….i helped my friend “unlock” his iphone once, and i was wondering how could i do this for a Rumor? Ive looked around but im getting mixed answers, some say it cant be unlocked because the rumor has nor SIM and ATT uses a SIM card…i really would like to use this phone (im stuck with my old Razr since i dropped my ericson in water)

Basically all im asking for is a guide, a tutorial, or anything really, that would help me unlock a Sprint Rumor to use with ATT.

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Answer by dancer25
att has phones just like the rumor

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  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the Rumor CANNOT be used on AT&T.It is incompatible. The Rumor can only run on CDMA network and AT&T runs on GSM network. It would not work even if the phone were to be unlocked. It is impossible.

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