How do I unlock my iPod while its frozen on another app?

Question by Flaggel: How do I unlock my iPod while its frozen on another app?
Last night my iPod touch told me it had 20% battery left, so I tried to turn it off. The problem was it wasn’t locked, but I couldn’t slide the thing over to “slide to power off.”

Now my iPod is locked, so I can’t touch it or anything, and I can’t bring up the screen that says “slide to unlock.”

The screen, when it dims, respond to touch, and light up, so the screen still works. It’s three days old, but I bought it on Amazon, and threw away the receipt hours before the incident… Help me out!

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Answer by jz4
hold the power and home together for 10-12 seconds. btw never throw out receipts

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  1. that’s happened to me before, and you can wait until the battery runs out and then plug it into the computer, that sometimes works. I doubt it’s because of amazon or anything, sometimes the screen just freezes. hope that helps!

  2. Go to help and support on iTunes. I guess I don’t understand why you locked it. I’ve been using an iPod for about six years and even my dear old dad has one — I’ve never seen the need to lock them. The screen about the battery is just a warning to charge it or that the battery isn’t charging as it should because they only last so long and they can’t be replaced. If you buy that kind of thing on Amazon just to get it cheaper, well we usually only get what we pay for. Also, go to for tips on extending the play time you get on a single charge.

  3. usually if it like that u should go to google and see how to reset it but i think u can do it on itunes to

  4. as said above. just reset it.

    hold HOME (center button on the bottom) + POWER (on the top left) until it goes black. let go. then press power till the apple appears. I recommend letting go then pressing power so you don accidentally put it in DFU mode 🙂

    and dont worry about your receipt… your amazon account still has the transaction.

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