How do I “unlock” my laptop so I can sign in using my regular password?

Question by rfkellett: How do I “unlock” my laptop so I can sign in using my regular password?
My laptop computer has been “locked” by someone who was “playing around” with my computer. How do I “unlock” it so I can sign in the way I always sign? I’m not even sure what “locked and “unlocked” means. To all of you computer geniuses for any help you can give me! Sorry for weird spelling, the “check spelling” doesn’t work in this box!!

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Answer by dpintampa
start up in safe mode then see if you can change it

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  1. You can lock a laptop in one of three ways. The most common way is through the use of the windows key (between the control and alt keys on the left side) and pressing L. To unlock this you would need to use the password of the logged in user. If you dont know it, shut off the PC and it will restart normally.

    The other way is through a power on password. It is set in the bios. If you have no access to the bios, contact the manufacturer for instructions on how to remove the bios password.

    Another method of locking is through third party programs – most likely you are not using this.

  2. Go to Safemode
    a. Shutdown the computer
    b. When you turn it back on tap on F8 contnuously
    c. Highlight Safemode
    d. Press Enter twice
    e. There will be an Administrator account
    f. Click on Administrator
    g. Click Yes

    Open user Accounts
    Click on Start
    Click on Control Panel
    Click on User Accounts
    Click on Your account
    Press Remove Password
    Press Apply
    Press OK

    Restart the computer

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