how do u have a cell phone “unlocked” for use on any carrier?

Question by Breezy: how do u have a cell phone “unlocked” for use on any carrier?
i want to buy a blackberry pearl because it has the features i want but my business is on Sprint, and its a T-Mobile phone

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Answer by sprydle
T-mobile phones won’t work with sprint period that’s like using windows software on a mac but you don’t have an emulator.

T-Mobile uses GSM technology and Sprint uses CDMA. The only phones you can use are those that use CDMA technology such as Verizon and…..well that’s it Sprint and Verizon. The rest of Planet Earth uses GSM.

You can either wait until a CDMA version comes out or look at a different phone. Some manufactuers will make hybrid phones that use GSM and CDMA such as Nokia or Samsung they’re not cheap Nokia makes one that sells for 700$ and can record hours of hi-def video with video editing software built in.

You can get the MSL code from the previous carrier of any phone IF you owned the phone and honored the contract otherwise they figure they’re just losing money and won’t help you..why would they when they can get you on their service with one of their own phones? AND it must have matching technology GSM – GSM and CDMA-CDMA. Some websites and third party cell phone stores will give you the MSL and unlock it for a bit of money. Wireless companies make money off contracts NOT phones but the independent stores don’t have anything to lose by doing it but they will all try to get you on a contract because that’s how they make the most money.

Forget about TDMA that went out with the Achy Breaky Dance.

But to reiterate you use Sprint which is a CDMA provider..T-Mobile uses GSM (pesky Germans)..they don’t work together unless the Blackberry Pearl is hybrid.

also check out for further info. a lot of insiders use that site

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  1. You have to buy an ‘unlocked’ one

    basically you got to pay full price or get it on ebay maybe

    the ones you get through sprint, etc, are locked because they are paying for part of the price for the phone so you use their service.

    if you cant find a sprint phone you like you can do this

    or….. for much less you can get an unlock code either from the phone company or you can buy one from somewhere like here

  2. im pretty sure this is right. once you have the phone, call sprint and tell them you want to get a phone unlocked to use and the phone is through tmobile. they need either the serial number or something off the phone, so you need the phone with you. sprint then calls tmobile to request a phone to be unlocked. once they get some code, sprint (i think) puts the code in your phone somehow and you can use it on sprint. i have a black razr that is through cingular but i have tmobile service. i bought it already unlocked but that is what the lady from tmobile told me. she says this happens a lot. people buy phones from other carriers and get them unlocked so they can use it under their carrier. it happens more than you think.

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