1. Whatever website youre trying to get in to must be bad if your parents have blocked it. Anyways your parents cant remember everything. So they have to write the password somewhere safe. Somewhere where they Know you coudnt find it. If your lucky they might have left it by the computer! Watch out for website history!!!

  2. need more information…is this a site you want to visit or a website that you are creating…what kind of error message specifically are you receiving

  3. try to go to sodacontrol.com it will lead you to a site were you can get acess to all the web sites or google websites that unblock other sites

  4. If you access is forbidden or restricted….Then get a clue! They dont’ want you in there!!! Give up.
    Go cook something or read a book. Or watch a movie or go to the gymn. Go bowling or call a friend on the phone. That room is probably boring and full of boring people. Who cares about it?????????

  5. Whenever I go to my history in Firefox(any browser for that matter)and try to click on sites that I don’t recognize, I keep getting Error 403, 404 Forbidden Access/Invalid credentials. I also get Not found on server errors. Really need some help. Im not dumb but these things make my brain hurt… I hate to sit for days possibly weeks to figure this all out. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Basically I think someone is running and controlling my computer and browsing access. There is much more going on. Lots and Lots of Adapters, Connections, JavaScript, Hosting, Redirecting, Cookies, Tracing, Remote Connections, Microsoft Sharing, Streaming, list goes on and on and on. Funny thing is I am not doing any of this.

    The remote computer/”HOST” is is in my home, same network. Think there recently was an added server. I have access to the other PC, just stuck and not sure what exactly to do.

    I don’t know where would you find someone experienced to help with this/Investigate??

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