how do you “bypass” a desktops password?

Question by Destiny Nicole: how do you “bypass” a desktops password?
i turn on my computer and it ask for a password so i can log in to my account on the computer. well i for got the password and its saying you can only use a password reset disk thing. but i know you can hack into it but i dont remember how. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Answer by Michael
I think the only way is Reformat your Hard drive.
Other than that, No clue.

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  1. Please do not abuse the knowledge I am about to impart.

    If this is Windows XP then I have a Live Boot Disk that can renew the password for the computer. If you use this for evil purposes I will not be held responsible.

    Boot the problem computer with the file contained in the link and go to security within the start menu. The program I think you need is either Salla Password, or Password Renew. Good Luck.

  2. 1) I’m assuming you’re using a Windows PC but you didn’t specify if XP, Windows95, Vista,etc.

    Also, it makes a difference whether or not the system has a floppy drive and whether or not you can remove the hard drive.

    Also, whether or not you have access to the local console or whether or not you’re trying to crack a network password.

    If you are using Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or a version of XP or Server 2003 and you are the local keyboard (console) then you can rename the c:windowssystem32configsam file to anything else.

    You shouldn’t delete the file in case you remember the password later, renaming or removing this file will reset the system to the default Administrator ID with a blank password. But it will also delete your decryption keys if you are using encrypting file system in Windows 2000 or XP / Server 2003.

    Getting access to that file is the challenge, if you can remove the hard drive and connect it to a different PC this is likely the fastest method since you won’t have to download a password reset tool and burn a bootable CD or rawrite a floppy disk.

    If you have your installation CD or even a different version of Windows install CD, you can install a parallel version of Windows whatever into a different directory on the PC, then boot it into the new OS and rename the c:windowssystem32configsam file from the first OS you forgot your password to. Depending on which version of windows you’re installing, this can be achieved in as few as 30 minutes if installing NT 4.0 but you have to download NT 4.0 ServicePack 4 or better to read NTFS file systems in Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 before you can start to rename the SAM file.

    The SAM file is where user ID’s and passwords are stored, if this file is damaged or renamed then Windows will recreate a new file and just assume something happened to the original but it will still try to provide a user environment.

    2) I can defintiely see your predicament. If you have files you need to recover.. just take the hard drive out and make it a slave on another computer… if you want to bypass the admin password or hack through it… take a look at this

    Please keep in mind that there are other ways to do this as well and the above link is not the only way. I would take the HD out and make it a slave… copy the needed files… then reinstall the OS on the hard drive after a full format. I like to start with a clean slate and considering you haven’t used it in 4 months

    and the least likely to work… but the easiest way :

    as it boots hit F8 to boot in to safe mode…now providing you have not setup a password for the default admin account on can login and create an account.

    Good luck!!

    3) Is there a way to access a “hidden” logon screen in VISTA, just like was able to be done in XP?

    In XP all you had to do was press CTRL ALT DEL twice to access it. Then, you could proceed to logon as an administrator, etc. (2 answers – asked 16 months ago)
    A: I knew this was available but didn’t know how to do it myself. Here are the steps to set this up on your computer…

    One of the pillars of the Windows Vista operating system is security. Vista comes with the User Account User Account Control (UAC) system, a firewall, malware protection, antispyware, phishing filters, automatic updates, and of course a logon procedure that requires a user account and a password. All this security is tremendous and it gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re system is protected when surfing the Internet.

    However, what if you’re the only one who ever uses your Windows Vista system in your home? Have you ever wished that there was a way that you could bypass Windows Vista’s logon procedure and get right to work? There is a way that you can accomplish this task with a hidden tool called the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel.

    In this edition of the Windows Vista Report, I’ll show you how to access and use the Advanced User Accounts Control Panel to bypass Windows Vista’s logon procedure and essentially configure Vista to automatically log you on when you turn on your system.

    I hope I have helped you.

    I am a Windows Official

    Windows 7. The future.

  3. If your systems administrator or “guest” account is still unlocked you access those accounts by hiting CTRL + ALT + DEL at the log in screen and try logging on to those account using a default or no password depending if they have been locked. Alternitivly you can reboot the computer with some types of boot disks or cd. some rescue cds / disks offer a way in. Winternals CDs offer a locksmith tool. very few times a account ID is left open for safe mode operation. But to access safe mode hold F8 at the bios boot up and select safe mode

  4. Download ERD commander recovery CD from here and burn it on a CD in another computer. boot from it, select “Locksmith” and choose the account you want to change the password fore. Reboot and login with your new password 😉

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