1. No the Admin if he is any good can stop you dead in your tracks. Also it is likely he reads the system logs. If you like your job leave it alone.

  2. All of us admin people will stop you dead in your tracks then put together the right stuff to get you fired…..the company has the sites blocked for a reason….if you infect the server with virus and it causes a system crash you can be fined and jailed.
    Don’t Do it.

  3. if u can get to cmd in windows u should be able to get past the filters and junk. type this in there if u wanna get past the internet filter
    ping “thewebsitename”
    itl give u the ip address of the site, some number like, u can just copy that number n paste it into an internet browser, 9/10 times itl work.
    we never got caught because we had some halfass administrators at school.
    proxys usually never work but i recommend ecrossx.com

  4. Its hard but you could try using a proxy that’s what I did when I was at college not sure what sites I used thou, be careful I got caught and nearly got chucked out of college.

  5. Here you go, try these:http://www.xamal.orghttp://www.xamal.comhttp://www.xamal.nethttp://www.xamal.infohttp://www.xamal.bizhttp://www.xamal.namehttp://www.payday2006.com/proxieshttp://www.payday2007.comhttp://www.unprohibited.orghttp://www.outsmarted.org
    The first one, XAMAL.org is fully MySpace compatible – allows you to post and answer messages etc…..
    If these sites are being blocked, I’d highly recommend this great new Yahoo group to locate the very freshest FREE proxy sites. Here’s the link for you:http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Pick-
    Add and share information on proxies and new proxy sites daily.

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