how do you bypass “passlock” on an 03 chevy tahoe?

Question by David: how do you bypass “passlock” on an 03 chevy tahoe?
I had a automatic car starter put on atleast 3 years ago. I think it came with its own security system. It was wired in so the locks and alarm work with the remote. Yesterday, i went to start the tahoe by the key, but the battery was dead. when i jumped it, the front marker lights were flashing and the engine was not running at full capacity. i looked in the manual, and read something about the passlock, it said that if the security system was failed, the lights would be blinking. I need to know how to bybass this,and if it has something to do with the security on the remote starter

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Answer by Michael
There is a bypass procedure, but what you want now is the reset procedure (first source). Put your key in the ignition, turn it to the “run” position and note the time, then come back to read the whole procedure. All will be explained….

EDIT – I forgot – those ten minute times are minimum times. Be sure each is at least ten minutes.

If the remote starter still does not work after this the resistance value in the bypass box will hae to be reselected, but it should come back when you reprogram the Body Control Module as described.

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