How do you clear a cell phone to sell it?

Question by luv2travel: How do you clear a cell phone to sell it?
I purchased a Blackberry Curve (refurb) a couple of months ago. The phone is awesome, but I don’t need all those features….or the expense. I plan to resell the phone and downgrade to a basic cell service (and use one of my old cell phones). Here are my questions:

1. Will my current Sims card work in my old cell phones (all AT&T phones as is my Blackberry)?
2. How do I clear my Blackberry history so that the new buyer won’t have my “info”.
3. I keep reading something about “unlocking” and “codes”. I am not cell savy (obviously). What does all that mean?

Thanks so much for your help 🙂

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Answer by Yesenia
1) if your sim card is from at&t and your phone is also at&t then it will work
if you have a tmobile cell phone and want to put a at&t sim card
the phone will say invalid sim card.
if you unlock the phone the at&t sim card will work on the tmobile cell phone.
Unlocking is also good for when your going to another country and want to take your cell phone with you.

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