1. Myspace is something that will have to wait until you get home from school. You’ll get suspended from school and get banned from using school computers when they catch you. There is nothing that is so critical on myspace that can’t wait until you get home.

  2. You don’t.
    None should work.
    School’s are legally bound by the federal Children’s Internet Protection Act to block proxies and the like.
    Schools have to take this seriously to get certain technology funding.
    All the proxies you try should be blocked by your school. That is because most schools use content blocking software. It blocks proxies 98% of the time because of their content (that they are a proxy), not because of the web address.
    Also there are admins like me securing the system, adding any the system may miss (listed on proxy lists and even here) by adding them to the DNS blacklist.
    You are very very unlikely to find one that works and even then it will only work for a short time until they know you are using it.
    Your risking your computer rights/detention/suspension by trying to bypass their security.

  3. i have the same probelm…
    the only way is if you connect to the internet wirelessly if you do, right click on the conputer with the green lines next to it and select view available wireless networks click on a wireless network that you are not connected to and connect to that network. myspace isnt bocked on most other networks

  4. School computers are supposed to be used for school work, you may be surprised to discover.
    Social networking is something you are supposed to do in your own time, and at home.
    I suggest that you put this question to one of your teachers.

  5. Circumventing or Hacking your School Firewall is illegal please review the community guidelines as your not allowed to ask questions that break the law or help others in responses to do it.

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