How does the stealing thing work in Morrowwind 3 ?

Question by kdb: How does the stealing thing work in Morrowwind 3 ?
I just started playing today and I’m practically at the very beginning. I expected it to be an alright game, but imagine my delight when I found out that you can nick stuff. Sure, I expected the usual, “Oh look, a hidden chest to unlock!” or “Wow! I got a totally unexpected item from an enemy or benefactor”, but it looks to me like you can take anything that’s not nailed down. I can’t help but be impressed at this fun little detail since the game must have a boat load of different items and the creators probably had to spend alot of time adding in this neat little feature when they could have just went “Let’s not make it too complex and keep practically all objects as background”. I also have to admire their audacity by throwing in something that could possibly foster real thievery. In short, it’s hilarious.

So, what are the rules for this? I don’t have the guidebook, and I want to know. I already know that you can only hoard so much stuff, and that you can probably sell it. So what else? Can I take stuff when other people are nearby or will they stuff me in a casket full or crab meat as punishment? What’s off limits and can stealing excessively cause alot of problems?

At first I was kind of iffy about stealing something from off of someone’s plate. After all, who’s been eating it and how much lower can you go? But the idea was so hilarious I couldn’t resist. lol XD I haven’t had this much fun since I anal probed people on Destroy All Humans.

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Answer by gileans_grey_paladin
you can steal what you want but it does have consequences. You can go to jail for it, because people will snitch on you or in some cases attack you. If you are going to take something you need to take it without anyone seeing you. The other issue is that those items aren’t as easy to sell. It’s really a long list of pro’s and con’s but here’s pretty much the gist.

1. you can get attacked
2. you can get arrested
3. they aren’t easy to sell without a fence

1 quick cash
2. sometimes a more powerful item that you have

So you decide what you want to do, either or like you in most games I steal also.

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