How is it that people buy cell phones using an outside network?

Question by rehab, the sequel.: How is it that people buy cell phones using an outside network?
What I mean is, for example, let’s say I wanted to purchase the new Sprint Rumor cell phone. I’m growing less and less fond of their services, so I’d much prefer a Verizon plan. How is it that I buy the Sprint cell phone but provide it with Verizon services? People keep telling me “You have to get it unlocked” or “SIMS card” but they don’t explain. Is this is the correct information, what’s that mean? If not, please tell me what I’m actually supposed to do.

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Answer by Alex
Yes this is correct. I dont know exactly how to do it but you by any phone you want, then you put your sim card in the new phone from the other phone. Whe you turn on the phone it will ask you for a pin or password of some type… thats the part you have to figure out….. go on youtube they have videos…. I my tmobile phone and service… try it

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  1. I will explain it how it works on a GSM network (Tmobile, att, tracphone, orange, rover etc)

    Each cell phone comes locked to a provider, say ATT for example. So I can take any sim card from an ATT phone and put it into another ATT phone and it will recognize it as being ATT and will allow the phone to work. If I took the same ATT phone and put a TMobile sim card into it, it would not work.

    This is because the ATT phone is “locked” to the network.

    There are ways to “unlock” a phone from a network so it can be used on other networks of the same type (in this example we are using GSM).

    So all the phones i have ever had have been able to be unlocked. Some phones there is simply an unlock code you can enter while others you have to run software on your computer to modify the files on your phone so that it unlocks it for you.

    For example take my iphone. There is no unlock code that i can enter in so that it can be on any GSM network. I had to download software and hook my phone to my computer and it modified some of the files to unlock it.

    Once a phone is unlocked (GSM in this example) you can put any sim card into and it will now work on the network the simcard is for.

    Sprint and Verizon use a CDMA network so there is no sim card. I just used sim cards to explain about unlocking phones. This can be done for most all phones in general, you just have to look around for the information on how to unlock your particular phone. Some are easy and others are difficult.

    Please remember, unlocking a phone voids any warranty it may have.

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