How To Bypass A “linksys” Parental Control?

my cousin put a parental security on my computer blocking me from MYSPACE/FACEBOOK etc.. (anything considered as a dating webpage)
Does anyone know how i can access myspace and bypass this filter?


  1. Don’t “Hack”…
    Anyway, try the default passwords to the router. Look on the router and see if there is an IP and a Username and Password.
    No Ip: start>run>cmd>ipconfig look at the value and plug it into a browser.
    No password: Guess and check.
    Use a proxy.
    Don’t “Hack”

  2. Hmm if its a linksys parental control, it means it is router based, and you would have to disable it router based.
    You can check if you can access the linksys router ( if the are not really smart, and didn’t change the password ) go to It should ask you for an username and password, username admin, password admin. If you can, just go the Access Restriction tab and unblock it for you.
    If you can’t access the router, then just use a page like ( you just enter the web page URL ( like ) ) at the bottom and you will access it via this filter ( which the linksys router won’t filter )

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