How To Bypass kickstand on a 1983 Virago xv920?

I have a 1983 Virago xv920. It has been running great but this morning, I tried putting it into gear after it warmed up and the engine stopped and the oil light came on. The oil is fine and I also rode it since then with no oil light on. It does this same thing when the kickstand is down so I’m thinking there’s an open or short circuit somewhere in the kickstand switch’s wiring. I read to connect the two wires together that go to the kickstand but from a quick look, it appears there’s only one wire coming out of the front of the kickstand. Is there two wires within this one wire that I have to connect together? I want to make sure I’m doing this right before I start cutting wires…


  1. Yes there are two wires in the sleeve.Motorcycles went for decades without stand switches so bypass it and ride on.
    35yrs lic mech
    40+ yrs riding

  2. There are two wires to the switch – wire them together.

    This is a temporary fix. If you take off with the sidestand down, you could crash your bike and end up in the hospital. Get a new switch and install it.

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