How To Bypass Parental Control ?

I am getting a divorce and I had to turn my laptop in to best buy to have the screen fixed. So I am stuck having to use my wife’s computer so she put on parental controls on my profile just to spite me so I cannot even google the word GUN. I need help so I can surf the net unmonitored, f*ck I could not even look up Gun’s n Rose’s !! Please help so I can stick to the her!!!!


  1. If your wife is using Windows XP, try hacking the “hidden admin” account (see source).
    Otherwise just try to guess her password. After all, being her (ex)husband you should know enough to make a few educated guesses.
    Or try something more subtle, like using a proxy. (Google ‘proxy’).
    Good luck 😉

  2. you could try to brute force hack the admin password, or have someone reset your hard drive, or if your relationship isnt as bad as i think it is, you could try to ask her about it.

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