how to change theme on ipod touch.?

Question by Shadie.: how to change theme on ipod touch.?
my ipod touch when i bought it was NOT jailbroken, and it had different theme on it and where it usually says “slide to unlock” it said something different. i just want to know how to change the theme or change the color something like that because in bored with it looking like this, WITHOUT JAILBREAKING.

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Answer by Sam Angus
This is probably not what you want to hear. But your iPod touch is jailbroken. That is the only way that you can change your slide settings. Hope that helped.

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  1. Sam Angus is right, it is physically impossible for your iPod not to be jailbroken and have something other than slide to unlock at the lock screen. Go to the Apple Store and ask them wats up…

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