How to create a deceptive black screen on my computer?

Question by Online G: How to create a deceptive black screen on my computer?
I want to create a fake black screen display on my computer; essentially, I want the display to have the following properties:

(a) To an observer it appears that the computer is switched off.

(b) However, the mouse and other applications continue to work; you can click icons and start applications. The only thing is that you can’t see what is happening (or what you are clicking).

(c) There is a “secret way” to get from “normal” to “black screen mode” and back

Basically, I am using an “auto mouse mover and clicker” to run certain applications on my computer. But I don’t want others to see what applications are running (started and stopped by my auto mouse mover and clicker), but at the same time, I want them to run. I also want some method to get back to normal from the “black screen mode”; perhaps some password or “hotkey” of some sort.

Thanks in advance for all the help; I’d really appreciate a useful answer to this question as this is very important at the moment (please don’t ask me why!). Also, I’ll definitely reward the best answer with 10 points, and give it a thumbs up as well.

The problem with simply turning the monitor off is that anyone with a bit of intelligence could turn it back on. I’d like to create a deceptive black screen that only a “secret code” could “unlock” (perhaps a hotkey or a password). Can you please suggest a way to turn off the monitor such that only a password can turn it on (though I’d like a trick not involving the monitor if possible)? Thanks everyone and please give an answer as soon as possible!

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Answer by saidan_ryuuza
I used to use a Virtual Desktop program called VirtuaWin ( that would allow me to hit a hot key on my keyboard to switch to a virtual desktop that had either a) Nothing open on it b) work related documents. Outside of trying to be sly with your boss or girlfriend, it is actually very productive to be able to keep work stuff on one desktop and play stuff on the other. This program allows you to have up to 9 virtual desktops. And unless someone knows the program is installed and knows your customizable hot-key to switch desktops, they would not know the other existed. However the Task Manager would still show what tasks were running. Mac and Linux users have this functionality built in. So if you are running a Mac, look into a program called Spaces that should ship with Leopard and Snow Leopard

I used this on XP and Vista and it worked great, but I can’t seem to get it to work properly on Windows 7. Hope this helps.

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