How to download file after completeing surveys?

Question by Josh: How to download file after completeing surveys?
i complete surveys on websites like sharecash and i get “you have completed the survey, your download will unlock” and then i have the bar saying ” internet explorer has blocked the download” so what i do is i right click and press allow download but this refreshes the page which means i can’t download surveys.

am i doing it right?
how to disable the download block message?

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Answer by Colinc
Unless you want any site to be able to trash your machine by pushing infected material onto your machine you must not turn it off. Better is to left click the download bar.

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  1. Hello there,

    You can go to
    Tools > Internet options > Security tab> trusted Sites > sites > add
    add the websites here because your browser/ computer might be viewing the Page as an insecure webpages.

    Also for most cases disasble the pop up blocker.
    Tools > Internet options > Privacy > uncheck the radio button that says “turn on pop-up blocker”

    Then after trying to do the things above try to complete the survey again
    Last option if that still doesn’t work uis to Download Mozilla, opera, kmeleon or any other browser.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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