How To Prevent People From Going On My Computer?

I only have two accounts on my computer, administrator and guest. The guest account is turned off. And my administrator account is password protected. A little while ago, I caught someone on my computer. It seems as he went around the password protection (it was impossible to know my password) and logged on.
Is there someway to bypass the password protected account? If there is, I would like to know so I can stop him. I do not want this prick invading my privacy.
And is there any other way of preventing others from logging onto my computer? Like locking it?
I have Windows XP.


  1. there is another account on xp open start clikc run and type “control userpasswords2” (without quotation marks) then click on administrator and then reset password and enter a new password

  2. Sounds like he used the admin account that is created by default with Windows XP Home with a default password. The only other option is he may have used a password cracker to brute force your password so he could log in. As for ways to prevent this, check and find the original admin account and change its password. Change your password frequently. That’s about all you can do.

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