1. I still can’t believe that your “brother” actually can block you from accessing myspace and all of that. But if he can access your controls for security than I bet you can too. But if you can get onto a myspace proxy, you should be able to go on. But judging by this story, it sounds like your mom or dad blocked off this website. I just can’t see your brother no matter how old doing that. But just try to find a myspace proxy, hope that helped.

  2. it depends on how its blocked, but if you happen to be using firefox, go to tools, add-ons, and look for either foxfilter or adblock plus, or both, and disable foxfilter and search “myspace” in adblock plus(open it by double clicking) and uncheck the box.
    if you dont have firefox, download it from here, http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/ , install it, go on myspace, and laugh in your brother’s face when you know how to disable the filters ^.^
    however, if its just like it wont load, meaning you dont get a “blocked” message, then he probably set up a firewall filter and unfortunately i cant help you there….you need a password ect. its complicated >=( but if that happened, tell a parent/guardian and have him remove it
    hope this helps ^.^

  3. this is what i did to keep my brother from going to bad, infected sites, so this can help you unblock myspace.
    1st: open up windows security center (if you dont have windows then i dont think my answer can help you, but i’ll try)
    2nd: click on “internet options”
    3rd: click on “restricted sites”
    4th: after you click on it once, you will see something right below it and it will say “restricted sites” click on the button that says “sites”
    5th: once you do that, a list of restricted sites will appear. click on the one that is myspace, and then click “remove” on the sidebar to remove it from the restricted sites list
    hope this helped!

  4. Come on now be honest, your brother did not block this site, it was your parents. Ask your parents for permission and stop putting the blame on your brother.

  5. I use these at my school.
    .pls tell all your friends

  6. try these proxies
    I hope it would be helpfully for you

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