How To Unblock Add To Friends On My Myspace?

i have this thing when people want to add me they have to know my email address.. so i want to take it out because there’s all these people that i know that want to add me and i dont want to tell each one individually my email and/or i dont want to add them(not that i dont like them)… what do i do?


  1. you cant if you have your age 16 or under.
    go to edit profile then type your email address in your headline, so when people go to add you they will see your email and put that in to add you. just put something add is..then put it there.

  2. HI,
    i am a proxy designer and I recieved a lot of feedback on yahoo answers and my yahoo group that people could not find the hidden url box on hidden url proxy sites
    well here’s good news the url box is unblocked now
    Things to do to while using proxies:
    1.Access the site using any of the three names:
    to avoid chances of the proxy getting banned..use a new name everytime
    2.Join our google group listed to get new proxies in case this one gets banned at
    (No need to come back to answers and post questions and listening to oldies yelp about how students should study instead of browsing myspace :P)
    3.Always clear your browsing history.
    4.Read the instructions 🙂
    5.Do NOT access porn sites..Its easy to catch even if you use a proxy.
    6.Rate this answer if it helps
    7.Try to give back to the webmasters who are offering this service free as it does cost them a lot to make and host such sites.

  3. Hi,well my face book blocked for 30days…………….due to adding frds …………………I want to solve the problem as soon as………..early…………pls help,

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