1. There are many ways to do this. As you indicate, proxy’s are not always reliable and are too slow for video.
    The problem is not entirely in the UAE. Many web sites in the US block access from outside of the US.
    The real solution is a personal vpn to unblock web sites, Skype phones and such.
    The vpn will encrypt your entire connection and take it outside of the UAE. Your DNS servers will also be outside of the UAE. The result is that no web site is blocked. Since the vpn is covering your entire internet connection the speed is fast. While not as fast as the raw connection it is pretty close.
    A plus for many American nationals, and others, living in the UAE who want to watch American television is that the connection appears to be coming from the US and American video and television sites that block access outside of the US come in perfectly.

  2. use an academic internet or if you believe the site does not really violate and it was blocked in error (happens a lot), you can use the unblock request form (link on blocked page), and then wait 6 months and hope they do something about it. (quite unlikely, but they have unblocked stuff on occasion)
    Also try changing the DNS & proxy server numbers (i mean local Etisalat numbers). Some time there is a difference between what different servers block list (some out of date).
    Finally as last resort, you can write protest letters to TRA, newspapers , and FNC members. No body else can do any thing about it.
    hotspot shield has spyware with it

  3. Other methods i don’t know. Only proxy sites or a proxy software. You said that it slows down your connection. There are often this cases but you should try IP Privacy software. Has embedded in the proxy list some proxies named “premium proxies” which are high quality proxies and are not slowing down your internet connection. This should solve your problem.

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