HTC Touch Pro “Security Unlocked” screen. How do I get rid of it?

Question by Lyn: HTC Touch Pro “Security Unlocked” screen. How do I get rid of it?
I have the HTC Touch Pro from Sprint. I was sending a text message. As soon as it sent, it pulled up a multi-colored screen with the header “Security Unlocked.” The code read:

MicroP-Hermann (LED) v0C85
MicroP-Hermann (KEY) v0685

The screen is red, on top of green, on top of blue. There’s a footer area with the word “Serial.”

I looked up online real quick to troubleshoot. Apparently this screen is achieved when you literally unlock the phone and can put in your own ROM….or something like that.

I wasn’t trying to mess with my phone like that. I don’t wanna break it. How do I get rid of this screen? Will my phone go back to normal working condition? This phone was purchased refurbished from a guy I know. Never had problems with the phone until now….if that helps.

Any detailed help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I can’t live without my cellphone =/ Thanks for reading!

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Answer by G
Try doing a soft reset first. If that does not fix it then you will have to a hard reset. Follow the directions,

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