i found a ipod touch and its locked how do i unlock it?

Question by Peewee: i found a ipod touch and its locked how do i unlock it?
and none of these steps work

1) Connect the iPod to your PC using a USB cord.
2) Open iTunes.
3) Click the Options button in the lower right corner of the iTunes window.
4) Click Enable USB disk use. (sometimes optional)
5) Go to “My Computer” and select your iPod.
6) Select tools and the folder option.
7) Select the “view” tab.
8) Select “Show hidden files and folders”.
9) Search for the file (file name differs in earlier versions) but on all models it will be located in the “Ipod_Control” folder aka Settings
10) Look in a folder that is sometimes called “Device” find a file named “_locked”.
11) Change the file name “_locked” to “_unlocked”.

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Answer by Eric P
go back to where you “found” it and ask for the password lololololol

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  1. well,i dont know how…but what i would try is ….hold the home button and the lock button (in the top) at the same tima until it shuts down ….then turn it on again and see if the lock is gone….if that doesnt work…hen connect it to the computer…open it up in itunes…its ganna say the name of the ipod in the left tab of itunes…click on it……..then put restore…that shold work no matter what…hope i helped..:D

  2. Hmm…
    You need to work on your word choice there.
    I think you may have meant “stole”
    Instead of “found”.

  3. LOL @ people who think you stole it. smartasses. dont mind them, i found two ipods in my life. One outside in the snow last year and then one a few months ago in a port-a-potty (: the othe rone got stolen from my gym locker but the other i still have (: for that one i pressed down on the power and home button at the same time and it restarted (: should work.

  4. 1: Connect to the ipod to itunes

    2: Hold down the power and home button till the red power off slide thing comes up.

    3: Still holding the home button slide the power off

    4: Wait (still holdiing the home button) and a symbol of itunes and a cord should appear on your ipod screen.

    5: The ipod should have appeared on itunes so go ahead and reset it.

    6: Your ipod after doing all these steps should now be completey wiped and unlocked

  5. Don’t worry mate u didn’t lose it, I found an ipod yesterday and it was really wierd. Some a**hole piffed his ipod touch at the roof at the lockers and it landed at my feet. The ipods screen was really badly smashed but I could still use it. I reset the ipod to it’s factory settings and I now have a 32gig ipod!

  6. I found an ipod and I restored it but it says you need to contact the owner but I have no contact with them,m and need to unlock it

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