1. Circumventing your School Firewall or Hacking it is illegal you can and will get in serious trouble.
    Please review the YA community guidelines asking questions that break the law or help other People do it is not allowed. Thanks!
    Note that People are posting fake proxy links if you click on a fake link you could infect your work or School systems with a dropper virus beware!

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  8. Can I get source code for this problem please.
    Write a course manager program. This program should keep (in a file) information about students: their
    first and last names, registration numbers, and scores for five subjects. The user of the program should
    be able to enter/store information about new students (initially the file is empty) and to manipulate the
    information after it has been stored:

    ? find statistics for a course (maximum, average, GPA, etc)
    ? modify information for a student
    ? view the information stored e.g. for all or just one student
    ? search for information about a student (by registration number)

    -Your program should be menu driventhe
    user chooses what to do from a menu.

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