if i buy a blackberry in mexico would it work in canada?

Question by Alaska: if i buy a blackberry in mexico would it work in canada?
if i bought a blackberry in mexico from telcel or movistar and then i moved to canada could i just switch the chip for a company there and it would work fine?? or “unlock” it then it would work fine…. or how does it work…

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Answer by isabellahhh
You have to get an unlocked cell phone. You can buy these at overstock.com or any other big websites you can trust 🙂

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  1. Mexico is currently the Worlds largest manufacturer of “Smart Phones” If you had a “Plan” in Mexico then “Rogers” can take care of it when you sign up for a plan with them. It is a simple matter of registering a new SIM chip with all the pertinent information. Rogers charge $ 3.50 a minute outgoing and $ 2.50 incoming and local calls are $ 2.50 per minute while roaming in Mexico with a Canadian plan.
    If it is a new phone you can take it to any of the dozens of Pay as you go service providers that make up good competition for Rogers

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