If My School Blocked Everything On Our Computers Except The School Email,how Can I Bypass And Access Yahoo ?

You can’t, which is why they did it. Do you really want to get kicked out of school? I know some kids that got expelled for playing around with the system.


  1. Ask the computer administrator of your school
    It seems your school is restricting access to other sites as a policy. Then The right thing is to access yahoo from some other place.

  2. Turn off the computer, then restart it. Press F9 when it comes back on ( as soon as it turns on… don’t let it think as soon as the light comes on keep pressing F9) Then a screen is gonna come up, press Hard Drive… not USB… HARD DRIVE. Then it’ll log you in as an administrator without you even needing a pass word.

  3. Buy a laptop and get Sprint, Cingular’s or T-Mobile’s wireless broadband service, OR get a Nokia or Motorola cellphone and hook it up to your laptop and use that to dial out to the net.

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