1. there are some sites that are able to get around the block.
    here are some links….http://www.guardster.com/ <-- 3 options (2 subscriptions and 1 free)http://www.guardster.com/subscription/pr... <--free with an add above the sitehttp://insn.org/?p=690 <-- list of other sites. some dont allow certain sites including myspace but some might. i didnt check them all.

  2. U better beleive u can. everyhting is possible ..
    the easiet way to get around this block is on your computer internet browser/ IE ,firefox, netscape etc. choose tools/internet options/connections/lan settings/ select choose/create proxy server for your lan.
    enter: for your proxy server address in the blocks provided and enter 80 80 for your port. this will get you around it. how ever if this is a public computer then u will need to clear this proxy out each time after using it. also using this anonymous proxy it may slow u down some .
    on certain search pages using this proxy u will notice it showing a foreign lnaguage etc, but u will still have english. also if this works for you u can always do a search on proxies and get tons of diffrent proxies just like this one. or if you dont want to change the settings on the public computer then there is sites that will link you through . do a google search and u should find lots help there. hope this helps. may not be your best choice for you situaution but this proxy will get you around any block / filter they apply.

  3. You betcha. Do a search on it. Or create your own, by installing a Linux box at home with SSH access then port forwarding all HTTP requests through Firefox Sox v.5 to localhost SSH port while you are connected via putty from a windows box to your Linux box at home.

  4. if you know the exact web page address that you want to visit on myspace than you can type that in the address box and it will take you there, you wont be able to sign in though i know from experience 🙂 So if you know your web address for myspace you’re set.
    good luck

  5. use an anonymous surf page, like:
    www. anonymouse .org , and write your web site there.
    PS: if it works, please “BEST” my answer.

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