Is it possible to get a BS in Accounting without taking all of the regular “General Education” courses?

Question by razorrazing: Is it possible to get a BS in Accounting without taking all of the regular “General Education” courses?
I’m wondering if I can get a Bachelor degree in Accounting, but bypassing all of the general courses (english, history, science, etc)

Are there any online options?

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Answer by redunicorn
If the college will accept general education credits from an online university, great. Otherwise it is not possible.

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  1. More than likely, not. Every university has a core curriculum that every student, regardless of major, must go through. Business majors will still usually have to take two sections of freshman composition, one literature course, one US history course, one political science course, one foreign language course, and two science courses. My co-workers have worked on computer science degrees through U Phoenix, Strayer, and DeVry, and all three of those online degree programs require gen ed courses.

  2. No, you can’t “bypass” these courses.

    Some colleges require more GenEd classes than other colleges, so pick a college that puts less emphasis on GenEd and more on technical and career-specific training.

    Or, you could CLEP these courses if you already know the material. A CLEP exam proves you know the material so you get credit for the course and don’t have to take it, if you pass the CLEP test.

    Perhaps some kind of technical college may have more focus on the accounting curriculum. But remember, an “interdisciplinary” focus (learning diversely about many subjects) will provide you a solid background for further studies and life/work in general. You won’t ONLY be doing accounting-related stuff 24/7 your whole life. And math IS A science, so not studying science is not an option anyways. Also everyone needs to know how to write efficiently (you’ll have to deal with clients/superiors/etc, and written communication is a necessity). Everything has a purpose.

    Good luck…!

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