Lost my phone. How do i get a new SIM card and possibly new phone?

Question by lived1102: Lost my phone. How do i get a new SIM card and possibly new phone?
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I was at the gym and my phone got stolen. I know youre probably thinking, “well just report it and get a new one”, but let me elaborate …

I have AT&T and i am/was using an “unlocked” phone. I know companies in the US frown upon their costumers using unlocked phones so how would i go about getting a new SIM card and perhaps a phone also? I do have the insurance that covers against damage and theft, but again- i was using an unlocked phone. I would just call AT&T and ask, but chances are im going to be helped by someone who isnt too bright. And im also not sure how to say, “oh, but i wasnt using an AT&T phone” … make sense people? … so anyway, if anyone can help, please do so.
Ok, so update. You all pretty much suggested to deactivate my SIM and i did. I reported it online through my account manager. I plan to go to an AT&T store tomorrow after work and get myself a new SIM card 🙂 Thanks for your help “MaryAnn” … perhaps the only competent person working for AT&T haha

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Answer by Courtney
go to at&t and buy a new phone…. EASY ANSWER

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  1. contact your service provider to suspend your sim card so no calls can be made

    it may be cheaper to purchase a new handset with sim card

    your current provider may offer you a new contract with handset

  2. heres the deal … if you want that unlocked phone again then your going to have to purchase it out of pocket, a sim card again out of pocket is $ 25 and avail anywhere ATT services are sold. They will also activate it for you, which will deactivate the old sim.

    Either call ATT and suspend the line or go thru your my wireless account and suspend for lost or stolen otherwise you will be responsible for any additional charges the person that stole your phone is doing. For example international calls, mobile purchases.. using all your min ect.
    And yeah Ive seen a phone that was reported 2 hours after it being gone have over $ 300 in charges for international calls.
    If you want to have the phone that is on the account replaced thru insurance you can do that too, but the insurance company will not cover an non ATT branded phone. So the phone that you originally got the insurance on is the one that will be replaced and sent to you .. the deductible will apply on your next bill. Again if you want a phone ATT doesnt carry thats on you my friend to purchase, Id still suspend the line for safety sake.

  3. It is none of AT&T’s business which phone you use as even if the phone is locked, it is only locked to the carrier’s SIMs in general not to your SIM. i.e. any AT&T SIM would work in an AT&T locked phone not just yours… unless you password your phone and a small % of people do and again that is non of AT&T business.

    1- You need to call them ASAP to block the SIM otherwise you are paying for the charges the thief is incurring on your account.

    2- Ask them to send you a new SIM. This is just a few bucks. Possibly free but no more than $ 20.

    3- Get a new unlocked phone (or an ATT locked if you wish) and put the SIM in it and you are good to go.

    Really doesn’t matter if you are using an unlocked phone other than it being unlocked makes it more valuable to thieves 🙂

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