Make any phone a GoPhone?

Question by jf011: Make any phone a GoPhone?
I have a TracFone (I’ve had it for more than two years.), and I’m really in need of a new phone. I want to be on AT&T, and I can’t afford a contract. I don’t like the selection of phones offered for prepaid service (GoPhone), but that’s my only option.

Here’s what it looks like I have to do:
(1) Buy a cheap GoPhone from WalMart, activate it, and then harvest the SIM card.
(2) Buy an unlocked phone (How do I do this?? Can I buy one at an AT&T retail store?? eBay?? What does “unlocked” mean? That’s where I need some help…)
(3) Take the harvested SIM Card from the WalMart GoPhone, and put it in the phone that I purchased in Step 2. (Right?)
Now, is my “Step 2” phone that original GoPhone technically? How would I add minutes? Is the number the same?

Basically, I want a phone for GoPhone, but I want a phone that’s not listed as a GoPhone.

Please help! Thank you! (Also, be sure to answer all of the question marks…I tried to make them stand out. If you could make a list of steps that I would need to take to make this work, please do so.)

Best answer:

Answer by Andrew
This is a good noob question, something rarely heard on yahoo answers.
This is what you do:
Go to an ATT kiosk (could be at walmart, bestbuy, etc). Tell them that you want to buy a prepaid SIM. Its about $ 5 and you will usually get $ 10 worth of airtime.
Go to ebay, or any store that sells the phone you want without a contract. Buy the phone.
If its an ATT phone ( aka ‘branded’ it will say either ATT or Cingular on it) or is unlocked, simply pop your sim card in it, and youre good to go.
Unlocked means that you do not have to use the branded carrier.
It could say ‘tmobile’ on the phone, but if its unlocked, you will still be able to use it on ATT. If it is locked to Tmobile, then you annot use it on att. (however, it MUST be a gsm phone.. i dont know if you know that part)
You would fill the minutes the same way you do now. You could buy prepaid cards and enter the numbers, you could add minutes with a credit card, or you could add minutes using the att kiosk.
Some additional info:
If you take your tracphone to att, you can have them port the number over to the new att sim card, so you will keep your same number. Its free of charge and it usually is activated with the old number in 24 hours.

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