Need Methods For Proxy Bypass!?

hello, i am looking for all methods easy-difficult methods of by passing my proxy that my school put up. ive used websites in the past but webmarshal keeps updating and blocking EVERYTHING. so far ive been using a website that allows me to go to restricted webpages however it does not load java scripts, movies, downloads, ect
ive been informed that there are 2 ways of doing this, 1 a website that allows bypass and successful script viewing (which is what i need)
and the second method is somehow creating some sort of seprate connection that goes arround the proxy and connects my computer to the internet directly.
information you need to know: turning off the proxy denies me access to the internet. and i the proxy is WebMarshal
please help!


  1. I know you don’t want to hear this, but you shouldn’t even try because that is against the acceptable use policy at your school. They have sites blocked for safety and security reasons.
    Trying to bypass their security is considered hacking and will get you banned from using any of their computers and probably even suspended or expelled.
    They can see and track everything you do so you WILL get caught. Not being able to use the computers at all would suck way worse than just using them to view allowed sites – wouldn’t it?
    But then again, go ahead and post all the proxies you can think of here so we know the new ones to block. Thanks for making it easy for us admins to keep blocking you!

  2. You can unblock sites with using a proxy, any of these will work:http://www.girlfreedom.infohttp://www.guyfreedom.info
    Also you can get the latest proxies right in your email from the Freedom Network:…
    Also proxies from the Freedom Network are some of the rare proxies on the net that let you comment, send messages, post bulletins, and view all pages of peoples pages on myspace.
    Enjoy, and tell others so they can enjoy too.
    Happy Surfing!

  3. and this message for those who still want pass blocking site, guys no matter how many times you ask the same question you’ll how hard you’ll try, school system admins will block such sites, GIVE IT UP. wait untill you get and use a computer at home

  4. Try to use the command nslookup and find the IP other dan what you have been directly connecting until now. that must have got blocked by now. so get the other Ip’s available and goto your browser and directly type the IP and connect… That might work.
    I am not an expert at bypassing proxy, but i have configured proxy’s on servers. You might need some port numbers sometimes…. depends on what proxy they have put up! WinGAte is damn good for medium size institutions.

  5. The best way to do this is probably to use another Proxy.…
    JAP is very friendly. And most of the time it will configure your browser for you. But your sites will load slower, But thats the price your pay for privacy.
    Also I read that if you type “https://” instead of “http://” it will sometimes bypass the proxy your school is using. But thats just something I read.

  6. 1. You are at school to LEARN, NOT tie up the school connection with a lot of downloads, etc.
    2. You can get expelled for bypassing, AND wind up doing the year over NEXT year. (You would have ALL year to sit home and download to your little hearts content)
    3. Under some conditions you can be prosecuted.
    4. It looks BAD to prospective employers later that you did this.
    (I really should just make a copy of this to have handy since this question is asked so regularly.)

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