OVERCLCOKING proccessors~ PLEASEEEE!!! (unlock AMD)?

Question by NinjaMan: OVERCLCOKING proccessors~ PLEASEEEE!!! (unlock AMD)?
i have an AMD athlon ™ XP 2500+, and i want to “unlock” it from not allowing my to adjust the multiplier. so i did research, and discovered how to modifiy the proccessor chip slightly for unlocking the amd multiplier option. after doing this my computer will no longer boot..although i followed the instructions for an amd 1600+ model.. so i probably did something wrong.. MY OVERALL QUESTION IS: is there a site or knowledge out there which tells me how to do a proper unlocking of the multiplier for the AMD athlon {tm} xp 2500+ by physically adjusting the proccessor chip !! PLEASE HELP..thank you in advance,,,

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Answer by Kenny Gates
if your pc is a brand name ie dell Hp

then there is NO WAY OF OVERCLOCKING.! it is all disabled dude

you need a motherboard that is non mass manufactured by dell etc

get a simple one like asus etc for overclocking 🙂

and you cant unlock an amd chip for overclocking either

you would need a new mobo and intel cpu.


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  1. You have likely toasted the chip. However…Most mobos made early for that chip provide very little overclocking options in BIOS – (FSB, multiplier or voltages) OEMs don’t want overclocking options on the board for you to fry. Its the BOARD you need to be adjusting NOT the processor!

  2. I think the first two answers got it wrong. This guy wants to physically modify the CPU in order to unlock the multiplier. On all non “Black Edition” AMD CPUs, the multiplier is locked, similar to the Intel processors that aren’t marked “Extreme.” So besides requiring a motherboard that allows overclocking, you need a BE processor. It’ll be easier than trying to modify yours. Since you toasted your processor, I’d recommend upgrading to a dual, tri, or quad core processor.

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