Power Light On Computer Blinking, But Won’t Turn On?

I’ve tried different power cords, so I know it is not the cord (two of them were brand new) and i’ve tried different outlets. Pretty much when i plug it in, the indicator light on the back blinks green about once per second, and the blue light around. When i push on the power button, nothing happens. The light continues to blink, but the fan doesn’t start up, nothing.
I am not overly concerned with getting the computer working again, but i need the documents and pics and stuff on the computer. Is there a way i can use my laptop to bypass the computer and just access the hard drive?
Any suggestions would be quite helpful!


  1. You don’t mention which brand and model of computer this is, which would help to determine what the error code is trying to tell you, so I apologize for the generic answer. If you have the User Manual that came with the machine, check in the Troubleshooting section; it should have a list of LED error codes there.
    If you don’t have the manual, go to the manufacturer’s web site and go to their Support/Product Download center to access the manual for your model computer
    If you built the computer yourself, you can go to the motherboard manufacturer’s web site.
    Finally, if you truly don’t care about the computer, you can remove the hard drive and either put it in a USB 2.0 hard drive enclosure compatible with the type of drive it is, or there are cables you can buy that let you directly connect the hard drive to a USB port without the need for using an enclosure. Examples are below, although it is not an exhaustive list and I confess I did not “bargain hunt” to find you the cheapest deal.
    Universal Hard Drive Adapter (great for flexibility in case of future needs):
    SATA to USB 2.0 Adapter:
    IDE (and EIDE) to USB Adapter:
    Hope this helps!

  2. It could be any number off issues with the computer – most likely hardware related – could be the power supply has died.
    If you’re more concerned about the data, I recommend getting a usb to ide/sata adapter like this one: http://www.microcenter.com/single_produc…
    It comes with a power adapter so you can “slave” any IDE or SATA type hard drive, whether it comes from a desktop or laptop and use that drive just like an external USB hard drive.
    I use one of these at work ALL the time for doing data recovery of crashed hard drives – it’s awesome PC device to have around.

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