Prepaid cell phones in Europe?

Question by brw<3: Prepaid cell phones in Europe?
I am going to London, Paris, and Barcelona in a week and my cell phone carrier doesn’t have and international roaming plan. I was thinking of buying a prepaid plan, but most of them have international calling plans and not roaming. I found a website saying that I could buy a prepaid GSM phone and “unlock” it. I don’t fully understand how to unlock the phone and how I would get service once it is unlocked. Do I have to buy a certain kind of SIM card or something for it to work? Someone please help me..

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Answer by Popcorn
I recommend you get a Europe Service/SIM card from RebelFone before you leave. This will help you to stay connected and avoid outrageous roaming charges:

Low, Same & Fixed call rates in all the EU Countries + you get free incoming calls while in London.

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