Q&A: 1998 Honda Civic EX…Please Help?

Question by Lady Maria: 1998 Honda Civic EX…Please Help?
I have a honda and i have been having some problems with it. The Temp reader keeps flucuating where it will rise like it is over haeting and falls back to normal. at the same time, when i have the heater on it will go cold and get warm again. I can smell anti-freeze, but there is non leaking. I took it to the honda dealer and dished about $ 1500 in to getting it fixed. even though everything they did didnt seem to work. The Water pump, thermostat, all the hoses, and the radiator have all been replaced with new parts. the fluids have been flushed, and we keep-up with the tune-ups all the time. it has about 180,000 miles on it and it’s been running well other than this problem. We really dont know what else to do about the situation. If anyone might have any other ideas of what our problem may be we would really apperciate it. thanx.

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Answer by marvin_g_33334
U need 2 contact Honda’s HEADQUARTERS ( NOT the DEALERSHIP ) & tell them U spent $ 1500 & still have the SAME problem U had B 4 U took it there !! Also call the BBB & Consumer Affairs ! I wouldn’t spend that kind of $ & still smell anti-freeze – IT might cost U a motor if this continues .!

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  1. How about the pressure cap? Bad one can cause “funky conditions”! Did they pressure test the the block and radiator (whole cooling system?) Any water in oil (graysih stuff looks like dirty whipped cream on dipastick? Or oil in water?

    If pressure cap is not holding pressure, – it may not always cause water to flow through hearter core! And when it does “perk up there”, – it may make a gush of cold water go into engine, – closing thermostat, and making temp rise, then fall back! And if on a long trip,- at steady speed it may do this 5-6 times before “settling down to any extent!ll

    Now as for the smell, — it sounds to me like you are leaking water somewhere, — and most likely place is heater core!You could pull (heater)hoses off at engine, and put a “U” shaped piece of hose in for a “bypass”, and see if temperature now settles down with heater out of circuit! — Also if the smell stops, you then know the leaks was inside heater “box”,- (heater core probably needs replaced!) — Now it is warm enough, that you might not need to worry about it till winter comes near again!

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