Q&A: cell phones that have sim card capabality.?

Question by Sheri B: cell phones that have sim card capabality.?
I’m trying to find my hubby a new cell phone, our carrier is a prepaid sim card, iwireless, I want a blackberry 7290, how do I see if it has sim card slot in back. what does “unlocked”mean? I’m shopping on ebay. thanx

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Answer by theycallmesir
Most likely if the blackberry is unlocked, it takes a sim card. Unlocked just means that, that perticular phone can be used with any gsm network (ie, cingular/att, tmobile, orange). If it does not take a sim card, you will see either that it is for sprint, verizon,alltel or you will see the term cdma. If it is gsm it will take a sim. Hope this helps.

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