Q&A: hiw do you ‘unblock’ people on facebook?

Question by i overslept again: hiw do you ‘unblock’ people on facebook?
i blocked my friend now i wanna unblock him how do i do taht

Best answer:

Answer by Zane
Go to account, privacy settings, then edit block list.

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  1. go to the wall feed and in the bottom theres an edit feature
    click there and adjust your settings
    just go to your privacy settings and play around there

  2. go to account at the top right.
    select privacy settings.
    At the bottom under Block LisT there should be a link that says “edit lists”.
    Click the link.
    On this page you’ll see there name, and next to it “unblock”
    click on the “unblock” and voila! theyre unblocked 🙂

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