Q&A: How can I fix a Razr that is considered a “demo” phone that Verizon says will not work after November 2006?

Question by fitspire: How can I fix a Razr that is considered a “demo” phone that Verizon says will not work after November 2006?
The following is from my friend who obtained the Razr phone.

“…verizon said even though they activated the Razr it was only a demo for a rep or something like that, and it s only a 6 month phone??? around nov. he said it will, I guess just stop working and wont be able to be activated again??? what ever that means. Not very P. C . if you ask me.”

I’d like to fix thix for her if someone can help me or point me in a the right direction. Would “unbranding” or “unlocking” be what is needed. No sim used as it is with Verizon.

Best answer:

Answer by guesswest777
If it doesn’t have a SIM card I guess there’s nothing you can do – the SIM will be inbuilt and the blocking will consist of Verizon cancelling the SIM at their end. Is strange that it doesn’t have a SIM tho, it’d have to be a completely different design to regular RAZRs – you sure about that? Are Verizon CDMA only or something? – if so you’ll have a PN code that they’ll cancel at their end, equivalent to a SIM, so again nothing you can do.

Edit: I just realized the above is all completely wrong lol – just been reading about it. Also didn’t occur to me to change the IMEI, which the guy below is right – will probably work. Will def work on GSM, not sure how PN codes are assigned but prob on CDMA too. If you can’t find software to do it yourself you might have trouble finding someone to do it tho – is completely illegal.

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  1. yes indeed this should be easily fixed. all you need is a proper cable, an unlocking software, and a software that changes the IMEI code.

    most probably your Telecom company is forcing you to pay more for a few more features on the v3, just unlock it, then change the IMEI code, that way your Telecom won’t be able to detect that the mobile phone requesting their service is the one that they sold, or some other mobile phone which anyone could have got from anywhere (legally purchased).

    all that said, i think changing IMEI is illegal in most countries, as that is the only way to track stolen phones. usually people steal phones from others, and change their IMEI code, so even if the Telecom Company from which they were bought had forbidden them service, they’ll once again be in working condition, as the IMEI code is the only that the telecom company can use to detect a phone set

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