Q&A: HOw do I unblock sites that i want to go to from a school computor?

Question by bearman_911: HOw do I unblock sites that i want to go to from a school computor?
I want to beable to hack my school computor so I can go to stuff that i want to. They blocked google. How gay is that? So anyone know how to find ways around blocks? Like a code or, a site that goes around blocks?

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Answer by FreddyBoy1
Surf off a proxy server…

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  1. It’s not called hacking, it’s called cracking.
    thanks to hackers, you are online right now. crackers are the ones who try to break networks, codes and systems. at least use the right words dude ..

  2. If you want to unblock Google for example, go to http://www.google.com. It might say “access denied”.They usually have an option like “unblock” or something. Click on that. It will ask your student number and password. Give it. If it is a reasonable website, they will definitely consider unblocking it for you!
    If they don’t, try http://www.ask.com as a search engine if they have blocked Google and Yahoo!
    This is the only way about. You cannot do much on a school computer. I hope you are not looking to unblock ugly sites. In that case don’t take this advice. You will be caught.
    Happy and safe computing!!!

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