Q&A: How do multiple cores work?

Question by David: How do multiple cores work?
If I have a quad core 3.4 Ghz processor, how does that compare to a 2.2 Ghz six core processor? Assuming L3 and everything else is the same. What does it mean to “unlock” cores?


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Answer by Brian
You cannot compare a quad-core to a six-core CPU directly. There are other factors that contribute to the performance of the two CPUs.

Since most applications still do not utilize a quad-core fully, the 3.4GHz quad-core will probably out-perform the 2.2GHz six-core. Of course, this might not be the case when all 6 cores can be used.

Unlocking cores is just like unlocking pipelines. Sometimes, the manufacturer will disable a core or a pipeline to make it a lower-end model, even though the core/pipeline is still on the card physically. Then, a person can just activate them using a program (at least for pipelines, you can use Rivatuner. I don’t know how to exactly unlock cores).

Keep in mind that the CPU isn’t specifically designed to have all cores enabled. If you do enable the cores, make sure the CPU is able to deal with the extra heat.

I hope this helps!

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