Q&A: How to get screen to come up on ipod touch? read further…?

Question by nivek_607: How to get screen to come up on ipod touch? read further…?
I was on the bus the other day and i saw i guy using his itouch. he was on the screen that comes up after you put it to sleep then turn it back on, and at the bottom it said “slide here to unlock” (or something similar). Also, at the top part of his ipod, he had a small area for controlling his music. it had a play button, previous & next button, and volume control. how do i get that to come up on my screen? I can’t seem to find it anywhere in settings!
and yesterday (i have no idea how) i somehow got it to come up on my ipod. I have the ipod touch 2nd generation running the latest software, and it is not jailbroken

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Answer by Hola Man Because I’m Awesome
I think the iPod Touch was jail broken.

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  1. If it’s the same as the iPhone, here’s what you do:

    Go into Settings—>General—>Home Button. From this menu, you can select what the home button will go to when you double click.

    Select iPod.

    Now, when you’re iPod is asleep, and you double click the home button, the controls will come up at the top of the screen to play, pause, go forward or back.

    Hope that helps.

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