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Question by : iPod Touch 4th Generation question?
The following happens sometimes while my music is playing but the iPod is locked:
I press the button on top to prepare to unlock, when the scroll panel appears (the one that lets me control the volume, go to the end of the song/go to the start of the song, and scroll where in the song I am). The panel appears right below where it shows the time. Keep in mind this is when the iPod is locked (before sliding the “slide to unlock” slide bar).
This panel is similar to when I am on the screen of the song when the iPod is unlocked.
My question is: how do I control whether or not that panel appears while the iPod is locked?
Note: I have not made any changes whatsoever in content to the iPod in about a week and I ended up both having that control panel and not having it in that period of time.
The iPod is NOT jailbroken, if it helps.
my main intention is that that little control panel WILL appear, I do not think I made that specific

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Answer by dude
when u shutdown ur ipod, make sure u havent played any music and quit it, then when u shut it on/off again, it will vanish (i think)

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  1. What is suppose to happen is when you are in the lock screen and double click the home button that is suppose to appear under the time.

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