Q&A: Is it possible to “bypass” doctor to make a (blood, etc) test?

Question by z31z: Is it possible to “bypass” doctor to make a (blood, etc) test?

I’ve moved to the U.S. from another country and was quite, er, shocked by how the health care works here. Doctors mostly ask about your symptoms, not rely on e.g. blood tests, ultrasound etc to get the picture themselves. These are such basic tests to conduct and they provide so much more insight!

I assume this is all because insurance companies do not wish to pay for something besides what’s “absolutely needed”.

The question is: is there a way to make certain tests anyway (even paying from own pocket) without doctor’s approval? What is the procedure?

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Answer by JNS
Laboratories must have a doctors order to draw labs.

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  1. You cannot get a blood test without an order from a licensed physician, regardless of how the test is being paid for.

  2. if you have a friend who works in a lab and is willing to risk their job maybe. i have found that asking my doctor to preform the lab tests that she may have felt were unnecessary often works.

  3. when you sped your money you can have the investigations in your way–when you depend upon the insurance and its claims you have to follow the regulation prescribed –accusing the medical personal for that is not correct –asking for symptoms and eliciting signs are Professional work and doing the required investigations are ethics medical profession

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