Q&A: Security system — how to remove the need for “double unlocking”?

Question by John Smith: Security system — how to remove the need for “double unlocking”?
It’s happened about 5 times already since we moved into a house with a security system — wife/kids/friends forget to key in the security code (and some doors don’t have a panel on the inside), unlock the door, and BEEEEEEEEEP! wake up the whole family at 5 AM by accident.

Do they make “smart” deadbolts that automatically disable the security system when unlocked, or some other things that alleviate the problem?

I have sensors on all the doors and lower-level windows, plus glass-break sensors.

Best answer:

Answer by Bruce
In a word, No.

You just have to get in the habit of “unlock the door and disarm the alarm”. Every time.
Hopefully your panel was installed near the door you use most often.

I don’t know of any deadbolts that would do what you are asking.

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