Q&A: Why do people “unlock” iPod Touches?

Question by Hiiiii: Why do people “unlock” iPod Touches?
My brother’s friend is selling one for $ 100.
He says it has a 2 yr. warranty still but is it still under warranty even though it is “unlocked” and what does that mean?

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Answer by Ellena
He might have Jail breaked it. Jail breaking from what I understand is when people ‘hack’ into their ipod touches and it means that the ipod has the iphone software (apart from camera) any way, hope this helps, this might not be what he has done!


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  1. by unlocked do you mean “jailbroken”?
    if it is jailbroken then no… the warranty is automatically cancelled… sorry
    i would buy the ipod touch though… they are really good and now that it is jailbroken you can get paid apps from the app store for free… put themes onto the ipod touch screen… etc.

  2. it means that he jailbroke it.

    jailbreaking an ipod touch simply means to hack it, so to speak. when an ipod touch is jailbroken it is capable of doing things that the regular ipod cannot do.

    it will be able to install a flash player in in, meaning that u will be able too watch videos on any websites other than youtube. it will also be able to change the theme and put a picture behind the apps instead of the plain black background. but the best thing that a jailbroken ipod is capable of doing is installing paid apps for free.

    there are many more options to choose from when it is jailbroken. but u will have to know what u are doing in order for the jailbreak to work right. and it also voids ur warranty but u could always restore it back to it’s factory settings and the warranty will be good again.

    hope u find this info helpful!

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