Question For An Experienced Computer User And/or Security Admin.?

I have always been interested in small tricks with computers, and my school’s security system has always provided a starting-point for questions. Before I continue, I am not trying to do anything potentially harmful to my school’s computers, but rather simply explore possibilities for creativity. Again, I am *not* trying to be detrimental to my own or others learning experiences. My question is; Is there any way to simply hide or mask a computer from another? My school uses SynchronEyes to monitor all of the computers, and I do know of ways to shut down the program itself (via run command, batch files, etc) and prevent its reopening, however I do not wish to force more work on the security admin of my school. What I thought could be a possible solution is to somehow display a screen-shot of my computer’s desktop to the SynchronEyes server. If it happens to make a difference, my school uses the Barracuda web filter system (which can be bypassed by using google translate as a proxy; english to english). Thanks ahead in advance!


  1. Honestly, no idea! not familar with those programs. It seems you would like to expose potential risks with no actual intent of harm, which is what a true hacker would stand for. : ) I could think of simple ways to disguise yourself by changing your MAC address..??

  2. im pretty sure you’d have to find a way to actually get to the admin account first… then run a video loop or something on your window in SynchronEyes, which i don’t know how to do…
    run command prompt
    net user
    net user (admin account name, usually its Administrator or something like that)
    net user (admin username) */(domain)
    it will prompt you for a password, just type in the new password you want. That should give you enough time to get into the system and do what you need before they override it.
    sadly though, i dont know how to cause it to run a video loop
    or just make the PC crash with command prompt and bring use your window’s CD from home and use the recovery console to get the password, lol. they’ll think its a repairman or something

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